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Dulceata de vanzare


Gem de vanzare

A world without jams would be a much sadder world. Jam is a symbol of hospitality, and the oriental custom of serving guests with jam, sherbet and coffee had become law throughout the Romanian Principalities since late Middle-ages. In addition, jam is a delicious way to preserve certain seasonal fruits and vegetables, which you can only enjoy a few weeks a year. In the homes of thrifty people, the result meets the effort and after the craving for raw fruits is fulfilled, what remains turns into jams.


All Delirs jams contain healthy, ripe and fresh fruits, neither too soft nor too hard. The fruits undergo a rigorous quality check before proceeding to their sweet path. Our jams do not contain dyes, preservatives or additives, but only fruits and sugar. We produce strawberry, rose-hip, blueberry or blackberry jam, bitter cherry or green walnut jam, onion and sweet chilli jam. All of them can be served on bread with butter, on biscuits, in pancakes or can ennoble pretentious cakes. Sweeten your life with the Delirs Jams!

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