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When winter knocks on the door and the sources of vitamin C are sought, when housewives want to garnish the beef salad with a little sour or spicy flavour, when the steak is almost done, Romanians from everywhere go to the pantry and open a jar of pickles. As many huts, as many habits: pickles in brine, pickles in vinegar, all kinds of mixtures of pickles and hundreds of recipes to satisfy our ancestral craving for sour, salt, pickle!


Delirs pickles can be eaten and combined at will, because they are made from the thickest, juiciest and most good-looking vegetables in the Romanian gardens. Appearance and taste are just as important, because nothing is more disappointing than some plump and wrinkled red bell-peppers, tormented in a jar of pickles. Delirs recipes have been tested for at least three generations, because in our family the pickles must look good and keep their consistency without softening. We do not use any preservatives or food additives. We invite you to taste our pickles!

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