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Fruit Purees

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For the little children, the first stage in food diversification is represented by fruits and vegetables purees. In general, it is recommended to eat fresh purees, by mashing the boiled vegetables and fruits. But there are exceptional situations, when we are on the road and we do not have the time and place to prepare the meal for the little ones.


That's why at Delirs we have developed some products that can be consumed at any time, in any situation and that are at least as good as the homemade fruits and vegetables purees. You can order pear puree, apple puree, apple puree with honey (for capricious children over 1 year old) and apple and carrot puree or apple and banana puree. All contain fruits and vegetables from our community gardens and are thoroughly sterilized and preserved, only with the help of a water and steam bath.


Delirs purees do not contain preservatives, dyes or food additives, sugar, starch, flour or gelatine. They are made from apples and carrots, and in the version of apple purees with honey, organic mix-flower honey is used. We make them all with great love and attention, for children of all ages.

piure pentru copii
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