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Zacusca de vanzare

Vegetables Stew

Regardless of your favorite vegetables stew (spread or in Romanian - zacusca), you have a choice! In the Delirs kitchen we produce eggplant zacusca, mushroom zacusca (honey-mushrooms zacusca) or bean zacusca, with an unforgettable taste. Zacusca is a high-class gastronomic blend and although it seems simple, the process is a complex one, and the quality of the ingredients is as important as the sacred observance of the necessary steps in the preparation of each jar of zacusca.


Because we do not make zacusca in industrial quantities, the consistency, appearance, colour and taste of Delirs zacusca jars can compete with the homemade zacusca. Zacusca Delirs can be eaten as it is or spread on a slice of fresh bread or toast, on crackers, it can be eaten with rice or as a side dish to meat dishes.

Zacusca buna
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