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sirop de vanzare

During our childhood, the best juices were made from fruit syrup with soda, which our mothers and grandmothers kept for guests and special occasions. Nothing compared to the deliciously sweet syrup taste mixed with the teaspoon in the glass until it blended with sparkling water and which disappeared as soon as it was placed on the table.


Delirs syrups are natural syrups, without preservatives, dyes, gelatin or artificial flavors. In our selection of syrups you will find wild berry syrup, blueberry syrup, raspberry syrup, wild strawberry syrup, cherry syrup and strawberry syrup. Delirs syrups can be consumed with plain or mineral water, in various cakes or cocktails, can be used as a topping over pancakes, ice cream, fruit salad or whatever tempts your appetite.


To produce the syrup we use ripe fruits, sugar and a little lemon juice. Even if we do not use preservatives, our syrups can last over 24 months, if properly stored in dark rooms, at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius. Sweeten your life with the Delirs natural syrups!

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