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- About Delirs -

Who we are

We strongly believe that the recipe for happiness is to do what you love. Coincidentally, I think we drew the lucky lottery, because we love to pick, pick and wash, chop and mix in pots full of zacusca, healthy thick sauces, jams and syrups. In addition, our products create joy, wide smiles and, above all, arouse nostalgia.

All Delirs products can be addictive because they remind us of childhood, the garden, the true taste of vegetables and the times when nothing was better than the chisel with strawberry jam with a glass of cold water.

Delirs is a family business that involves the whole community on a separate planet, the planet Petrila.

You have probably heard of Petrila, the city that hosts the deepest coal mine in Europe. It was abandoned after 156 years of mining. Not coincidentally, even after the mine closed, many saw in this locality a place with multiple creative possibilities, because the industrial heritage has a huge potential and can be converted at any time into a playground for contemporary art.

Leaving aside the interest of various artists in the special atmosphere of Petrila, it is no secret that after the mine closed, our city, mostly made up mainly of miners and their families, went into decline. Many have left, but those who remain, the momârlans, are the natives of the place, who love and who still live according to old, intangible traditions. They value the things above the earth more than the things inside it.

In this small Hunedoara locality, people know each other and also know their households with their gardens and orchards. All our products are traditionally made, following the same old recipes, passed down from generation to generation on our planet.

We produce some of the vegetables and fruits we use in our own garden and orchard, but we supplement our supplies of fruits and vegetables by appealing to the community of small local producers, ie to our neighbors in the county.

Anyone who has spent at least a few days in the country knows that the life of Romanian peasants revolves around the vegetable garden. So are we, we work for the sake of seeing at the beginning of spring how the onion and garlic shoots give, then the leafy green vegetables that we enjoy in soups and stews: pink loboda, green lettuce, wild stevia, leek and spinach baby. How come you haven't heard of baby spinach?

Then all the other vegetables that we collect, store or use on the spot in thick sauces, healthy soups, pots, stews, all kinds of fillings with or without meat start to grow. In a few words, in our garden you will find everything you need for simple or pretentious dishes, but with a smell that appeals to even the most capricious.

The orchards in our area are known for hard apples, fragrant pears, apricots, plums, cherries, sour cherries. All are complemented by what the forest offers us naturally: from rosehips to blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, to ghebe and yellows.

Since all fruits and vegetables are traditionally grown without pesticides or toxic fertilizers, they have a divine taste, but the shelf life is quite short. A tomato in our household will not last like a tomato brought from overseas and countries, sprayed and encouraged to grow. So, we follow the natural cycle of plants and preserve them so that we can enjoy the taste and properties of vegetables and fruits in winter.

What are we preparing?

We tested the recipes as a family and decided to use for the Delirs products the most delicious recipes of: zacusca , pickles , jams , purees (for the little ones and babies), compotes and syrups .

In the Delirs pantry you will find:


- Eggplant Zacusca

- Honey-Mushroom Zacusca

- Beans Zacusca

- Strawberry Jam

- Strawberry Jam with Mint

- Blueberry Jam

- Apricot Jam

- Apricot Jam with Ginger

- Plum Jam with Walnuts

- Raspberry Jam

- Wild Berry Jam (Mix)

- Sour - Cherry Jam

- Rosehip Jam

- Quince Jam with Ginger and Cardamom

- Bitter Cherry Jam

- Green Walnuts Jam

- Sweet Chilli Jam

- Onion Sweet Jam

- Pear Puree

- Apple Puree

- Apple and Carrots Puree

- Apple and Banana Puree

- Sour Cherry Compote

- Tangerine Compote

- Apple Compote

- Blueberry Syrup

- Raspberry Syrup

- Strawberry Syrup

- Wild Berry Syrup (Mix)

- Pickled Bell-Peppers

- Roasted Peppers in vinegar

- Pickled Chilli Peppers


Some products depend to a large extent on a certain period of the year, so production in that year may be limited. We respect our customers and the promise made to them, so we will not supplement our supplies with vegetables or fruits that do not meet our quality standards.

In this regard, we recommend that you order a sufficient number of products to satisfy your need for bread with zacusca de ghebe or pancakes with strawberry jam, for example. We invite you to taste and enjoy!

Delirs, Petrila Planet, Romania

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Delirs Values

When you love what you do, when the soul and the mind work together, wonderful things come out. Passion in the kitchen is not a fad, not a cliché, but rather a thing of common sense, essential for good taste. Our passion is to turn vegetables into delicacies that can be tasted all year round.


Although our recipes are quite complex, the priority is the quality of the ingredients and the taste. The way we prepare each product is a simple one, which does not involve choppers, appliances or other industrial machinery. We follow the necessary steps to create the unmistakable Delirs taste. Simple, like grandparents' time!


Delirs is a Romanian brand that plans to expand internationally. That is why quantity is not so important for our business, but quality. We do not produce in huge quantities, although we are many hardworking and eager to work, but since the whole preparation process is done like a book, it is physically impossible to prepare millions of jars with different goodies in a month, as happens in current food industry.

The Delirs Mission

Our mission is to make people happy with our products: never let them be disappointed that they did not find in the jar what is written on the label. We cook with passion, just as we cook for ourselves. Every teaspoon of any product must delight the senses, bring smiles and teleport people to dear, forgotten places.

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