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Wild Strawberry Syrup

Wild Strawberry Syrup


The Wild Strawberry Syrup is an excellent tonic and has diuretic, remineralizing and detoxifying properties. Wild Strawberry Syrup best highlights the aroma and the special taste of wild strawberries, which makes it an extremely appreciated syrup by young and old gourmets.


Delirs Wild Strawberry Syrup contains only wild strawberries and sugar. We do not add any preservatives, dyes or gelatin. This keeps its unique natural properties almost intact.


Did you know that a glass of wild strawberries syrup diluted with plain or sparkling water is especially beneficial during the summer? Wild Strawberry Syrup helps the body in balancing its temperature, lowers blood pressure and has a tonic effect. If you want to eliminate fatigue or lethargy that sets in during hot weather, drink a glass of Wild Strawberry Syrup.


Ask for Delirs Wild Strawberry Syrup at your place!

  • Ingrediente

    90% sirop natural de vișine, 10% zahăr

  • Alte informații

    Pentru 100 ml produs se prelucrează 150 ml sirop natural de vișineși 25 g zahăr.

  • Volum (cantitate)

    500 ml

Benefit of


Order goodies worth at least 199 lei in order to benefit from this offer.

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