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Pickled Honey-Mushrooms

Pickled Honey-Mushrooms


We offer you one of the most appreciated delicacies of the Romanian cuisine - The Pickled Honey-Mushrooms. Many will consume them exactly as they are, straight from the jar; others will prefer to make a pickles salad in which the stars are the honey-mushrooms or will choose to add them as a salad to steaks or other culinary specialties.

Whatever you choose to eat, these pickles will never disappoint. They are so tasty that they will stay in your memory for a long time.

In the Delirs kitchen we use only honey-mushrooms from spontaneous flora, collected from the Hunedoara County mountains, then carefully selected and tested for a special taste and quality of the finished product.

We do not use dyes, preservatives or other food additives.


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  • Ingredients

    86.57% honey-mushrooms, 9.62% apple cider vinegar, 1.54% sunflower oil, 1.54% sugar, 0.06% bay leaves, 0.09% black peppercorns, 0.58% salt

  • Other information

    For 100 g of final product, 125.6gr of honey-mushrooms, 14ml of apple cider vinegar, 2.23ml of sunflower oil, 2.23gr of sugar, 0.08gr of bay leaves, 0.14g of black peppercorns and 0.84gr of salt are processed.

  • Gramaj

    360 mililitri


    e - 400 gr

Benefit of


Order goodies worth at least 199 lei in order to benefit from this offer.

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