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Rosehip Jam

Rosehip Jam


Rosehip fruit is one of the richest fruits in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Rosehips, such as those in our area, are even more valuable for health, because they have a higher content of C vitamin and minerals in their natural state. Doctors consider them a real panacea, with therapeutic anti-inflammatory, regenerating and healing effects.


The most delicious method of consuming Delirs Rosehip Jam is with a teaspoon, directly from the jar. Delirs Rosehip Jam is made of ripe, hard fruits, always harvested before the first fall of the frost, because this makes them soften and lose their vitamins. We add sugar to the fruits and prepare them thoroughly, to last over time, exclusively through natural processes, without adding preservatives or food additives.


For young children, it is a source of vitamins in a jar, which will be taken without fads, but on the contrary, with joy and lust. Homemade jam at your place! Order your favorite jam jar!

  • Ingredients

    95,2% rosehip si 4,8% sugar

  • Other Information

    For 100g of product, 175g rosehip and 8,7g sugar are processed

  • Gramaj

    230 de grame

Benefit of


Order goodies worth at least 199 lei in order to benefit from this offer.

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