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Onion Sweet Jam

Onion Sweet Jam


The Onion Sweet Jam is a delicacy, because it turns onions, the Cinderella of vegetables, into an authentic diva. The Onion Sweet Jam is used in the most pretentious kitchens, both as an ingredient and as a topping for various dishes: topping for burgers, as an ingredient for meat marinades or salads, in countless salty tarts, next to fatty cheeses and so on. In our family we eat it frequently with steak and we use it to make quiche, the salty French tart.


It takes time and proper fire to turn onions into jam, because this vegetable has a strong character and does not let itself be tamed easy. The small fire and the insistence of the housewife are essential! We recently adopted her in the Delirs family, but she quickly adjusted and she is also loved by the most conservative tastes. Our jam recipe does not contain preservatives, food additives nor gelatine but the preparation steps ensure that the onion jam is preserved for a long time, even after opening the jar, if it is stored in the refrigerator.

  • Ingrediente

    Ingrediente: 84,39% ceapă, 4,22% ulei de măsline extravirgin, 0,84% sare, 6,33% zahăr brun, 4,22% oțet balsamic.


  • Alte informații

    Țara de origine a ingredientului principal (Ceapă roșie): România

  • Gramaj

    230 de grame

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