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Honey-Mushrooms Zacusca - Honey-Mushrooms and Vegetables Stew (Spread)

Honey-Mushrooms Zacusca - Honey-Mushrooms and Vegetables Stew (Spread)


In our spread, there's plenty of mushrooms and you don't need to carefully "hunt" them with the teaspoon in the jar. The Honey-Mushrooms Zacusca is a feast, a gourmet peak of this type of foodstuff. This is an invention of the people living up on the hills or in the mountains. The highlanders have found the most delicious way to preserve the fragrant honey-mushrooms in a jar, so that they can enjoy them all year round. The Delirs Honey-Mushrooms Zacusca contains honey-mushrooms, lots of honey-mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, baked kapia and red bell-peppers, spices and a little bit of oil.


The honey-mushrooms come from spontaneous flora, but they are verified and certified as being intended for safe human consumption before we use them. The rest of the vegetables, carefully chosen from the gardens of Petrila farmers and surroundings, are chopped and mixed with the honey-mushrooms in special pots. We sacredly respect a traditional recipe from our area, which provokes lust, smiles and delight! The Delirs Honey-Mushrooms Zacusca does not contain any preservatives, being preserved by the classic process of steam and water bath. If stored in optimal conditions, it preserves its taste and aroma intact for several years. However, from our own experience, you need to know that Delirs jars get empty quickly!

  • Ingredients

    40% honey-mushrooms, 20% kapia red pepper, 20% red bell-pepper, 7% onion, 6,9% tomato, 4% sunflower oil, 0,7% bay leafs, 0,7% salt, 0,7% white pepper.

  • Other Information

    For 100 g of product, 83 g honey-mushrooms, 35 g kapia red pepper, 35 g red bell-pepper, 14 g onion, 21 g tomato, 8 ml sunflower oil, 1 g bay leafs, 1 g salt and 1 g white pepper are processed.

  • Weight

    400 grams

Benefit of


Order goodies worth at least 199 lei in order to benefit from this offer.

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