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Wild Blueberry Syrup

Wild Blueberry Syrup


Apart from the fact that this is a true delight, the Wild Blueberry Syrup is rich in A vitamin and due to the substance contained, it helps a lot to maintain visual acuity. The Delirs Wild Blueberry Syrup is great especially when combined with still or sparkling water, when used to sprinkle pancakes, muffins or tarts or to sweeten and give colour to cream cakes or vanilla cream.


Delirs Wild Blueberry Syrup is a natural syrup, made only from wild blueberries and a little bit of sugar. It does not contain preservatives, dyes, gelatin or artificial flavours. Kept in a cool pantry, Delirs Wild Blueberry Syrup lasts even over 2 years. Order the delicious Delirs Wild Blueberry Syrup at your place!

  • Ingredients

    90% natural wild blueberry syrup, 10% sugar

  • Other Information

    For 100g of product, 150ml of natural wild blueberry syrup and 25g of sugar are processed.

  • Volum (cantitate)


Benefit of


Order goodies worth at least 199 lei in order to benefit from this offer.

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