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Pickled Bell-Peppers

Pickled Bell-Peppers


Pickled Bell-Peppers are some of the most common pickles in Romanian pantries. Although those who seduced us with their sweet and sour taste are our southern neighbors, the Bulgarians, we quickly learned that pickles can be preserved naturally in vinegar, not just in salty water. Delirs Pickled Bell-Peppers contain good-looking and fleshy Bell-Peppers, a little bit of oil and vinegar and they are flavoured with specific spices.


Pickled Bell-Peppers from Delirs are firm and they keep their appearance, taste and aroma even after the jar is opened, if they are kept in optimal conditions. We do not use preservatives, dyes nor additives. The Pickled Bell-Peppers can be eaten as such or as a salad with various steaks, stews with thick sauce, beans with shank, scrambled eggs. Vegetables preserved in vinegar improve digestion, stimulate detoxification and strengthen the immune system because they contain C Vitamin. Order the jar of pickles at your place!

  • Ingredients

    93% red bell-peppers, 1% vinegar, 1,5% sun flower oil 2,5% sugar, 0,5% bay leaves, 0,5% white pepper, 1% salt

  • Other Information

    For 100g of product, 105 g red bell-peppers, 12 ml vinegar, 3,10 ml sun flower oil, 3,10 g sugar, 0,3 g bay leaves, 0,5 g white pepper and 1 g of salt are processed

  • Weight

    600 grams

Benefit of


Order goodies worth at least 199 lei in order to benefit from this offer.

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