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Mint Strawberry Jam

Mint Strawberry Jam


The Mint Strawberry Jam, the most desired and most appreciated, is reinvented with the help of a bit of fresh mint. The discreet mint aroma gives a fresh touch to the scent of the Romanian strawberries. Mint makes a good house with the strawberries, so good that one teaspoon of jam requires the next and as we speak the jar gets empty.


The Delirs Mint Strawberry Jam is made according to a simple but tested recipe, from good-looking and juicy fruits, sugar and mint. We do not add any preservatives, food additives or gelatine. A quality jam is one in which the fruit retains its aroma. Also, even if the whole process is natural, due to the sterilisation in the steam and water bath, the Delirs Mint Strawberry Jam lasts over 2 years in the pantry. You will surely find a use of it for yourself or for your loved ones' delight. Homemade Mint Strawberry Jam at your place! Order a jar of jam online!

  • Ingredients

    90,7% strawberries, 8,3% sugar, 1% mint

  • Other Information

    For 100g of product, 250g strawberries, 24g sugar and 0,25g mint are processed.

  • Gramaj

    230 de grame

Benefit of


Order goodies worth at least 199 lei in order to benefit from this offer.

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