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Wild Blueberry Jam

Wild Blueberry Jam


Wild Blueberry Jam differs from farmed blueberry jam, because although they are not as big as farmed blueberries, mountain blueberries have an extraordinary taste and aroma. Delirs Wild Blueberry Jam is made from whole fruits and sugar. It has an intense purple colour and a sweet-sour taste which gives you smiles of pleasure with every bite.


We do not use preservatives, food additives or gelatine. If you refrained from pancakes, donuts with cream or other cakes containing jam, and you find a forgotten jar of Delirs Wild Blueberry Jam in the pantry, you can eat it safely, because it lasts for over 2 years. The classic sterilization and preservation process with the help of the steam and water bath keeps the Delirs cans intact for a long time. Delirs Wild Blueberry Jam can be ordered online!

  • Ingredients

    94% blueberry fruits, 6% sugar

  • Other Information

    For 100g of product, 160g of blueberries and 10g of sugar are processed

  • Gramaj

    230 de grame

Benefit of


Order goodies worth at least 199 lei in order to benefit from this offer.

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